Supermarket Accidents

Supermarket Accident Claims can involve a number of difference circumstances, such as slipping on a grape or similar fruit that has fallen off the shelves, to slipping on a wet floor.

We have even had a claim where a customer in a pharmacy was sitting down on a chair when a shelf fell from a height onto her head.

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Supermarket Accident Claims*

Supermarket accident claims, are for injuries sustained due to negligence of the supermarket management or one of the store´s staff. Claims for supermarket accidents can be made when you have suffered an avoidable injury in an accident within the supermarket or in the supermarket car park, provided it can be established that the supermarket failed in its duty of care to provide you with a safe environment in which to shop. Some supermarket accident claims are unsuccessful when a hazard has just manifested which the supermarket has not had a reasonable amount of time to deal with. Therefore in order to establish that you have supermarket accident claims which are worth your while to pursue, you should call our us and discuss the circumstances of your supermarket accident with an experienced solicitor.

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