Service Station Accidents

Petrol Station Accidents are common place, and mostly derive from slip and falls on the forecourt.

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or Call 01-6641800 today.

Petrol Station Accidents*

The reason many people slip and fall is that petrol and diesel cause the surface of the forecourt to become very slippery, especially on a wet day. Grease and water are a bad mix.

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have an accident in a petrol station that has not kept its forecourt in a satisfactory condition, then you should contact us for advice.

Petrol stations do have CCTV, and we need to put them on Notice that the CCTV should be preserved, so time is of the essence as the CCTV may be overwritten.

Of course there are other types of accidents that occur in petrol stations, and most would fall into the road traffic accident category, however, if you had an accident in a petrol station, you should contact us to get the correct advice.

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