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Personal Injury Solicitor

What Can a Personal Injury Solicitor Do for You?

If you were in a car accident or suffered a work-related accident, you may be wondering why you need to hire a personal injury solicitor instead of just filing a claim on your own. At Lalloo & Company Personal Injury Solicitors, we encourage any person filing a claim to use a solicitor simply to protect your rights and to ensure you receive comprehensive compensation for what is owed to you.
Your personal injury solicitor has the job of ensuring you understand all of your claim options. This may include any loss of earnings due to your inability to work. It may include all costs related to physiotherapy sessions to improve your mobility. You may suffer from other medical or losses that you will not learn about for some time. It is our job to ensure you get compensation for any losses you have.

This service is offered by ​​​​Lalloo & Company Solicitors, Alexandra House, 3 Ballsbridge Park, Dublin 4. Tel: 01 6641800

*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. You should note that no solicitor/client relationship or duty of care or liability of any nature shall exist or be deemed to exist between Lalloo & Company Solicitors and you until you have received a written letter of engagement from us in which we confirm our appointment as your Solicitors.


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