Footpath Accidents

To make a claim for an accident in a public place, as with any other type of injury claim, the key requirement is that liability of another party can be established.

We advise you take a Photograph of the offending Foothpath.

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or Call 01-6641800 today.
Footpath Accident Claims No Win No Fee

Footpath Accident Claims*

We advise that you take a photograph of the path, curbing etc that caused you the injury. This is an important part of being able to secure a win for you. All you have do to find out if you have a claim is email the photo to with your name and number, and simply ask, do i have a claim? We will get straight back to you.

In other words, if negligence can be claimed against the person(s) or business who are responsible for the place where you should speak with us for advise.

You can be compensated for;

(i) damages for pain and suffering

(ii) loss of earnings (and potential loss of future earnings if applicable)

(iii) medical expenses (and potential future medical bills if applicable)

(iv) legal expenses associated with your claim

Most public bodies (e.g. county councils, Health Service Executive, Dublin Bus etc) which interface with the public have liability insurance to cover claims payouts to those who bring a personal injury claims against them. The same is true of privately-owned businesses, be they shopping centres, waste management companies, construction firms etc. Whether they are public or private, large or small, if their negligence causes you injury you are entitled to an award.

Generally speaking the local authority or County or Town Council is responsible for maintaining footpaths, kerbs and pavements in good order.

In fact any body or individual who allows access to the public must ensure that pavements, kerbs and footpaths are maintained in good order to prevent accidents and personal injury claims against them.

In many cases, the insurance companies representing local authorities or major businesses will be reluctant pay footpath injury claims and deny liability, and this is one of the major reasons that you should use the services of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor when making a footpath injury claim.

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